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Senior B? haha

we can't find the competitions we have, even with a multitude of walkovers in every grade.
we're bottom of the ladder because we don't play enough games.

Too many clubs postponing and changing fixtures without genuine reason....I'm alright Jack......

HomerJay (Wicklow) - Posts: 369 - 26/08/2015 14:43:57    1776591


What's the story now with relegation for 2016.
Are Tinahely down to IFC status ??
Rathnew I.F.team can't be promoted to SFC status.

So that would mean , 13 senior club teams next season in
the championship.
Rathnew, St.Patricks, Annacurra, EIre Og.
Coolkenno,Bray Emts.Newtown,Baltinglass.

Goldfinger0007 (Wicklow) - Posts: 66 - 15/10/2015 18:14:58    1799087


That's about the size of it Goldfinger,you might also have a couple of group teams,same old story.In my opinion we should have only 10 teams in Senior championship. Each team plays each other with top 6 into quarterfinals,the last four then play each other with top 2 filling remaining places,you then have a straight knockout competion. Every team is guaranteed at least 10 games.You then have a format where an intermediate team has to win the championship 2 years in a row to prove they are good enough to play in the senior championship,It might take a while for any team to win 2 in a row,but when it eventually happens they replace the senior team that has the worst record since the format commenced.This format would focus minds all round,no senior side will want to get relegated as there is no guarantee that they would win 2 in a row and be back up in 2 years,equally the intermediate teams know that they will have to up their game considerably to win 2 in a row and gain senior status.I will also give the promoted side a chance to get improve and consolidate,as it is unlikely even if they finish bottom of the pile the next 2 years in a row that another intermediate team would win 2 in a row in the following 2 years.is it pie in the sky ?.

pistelero (Wicklow) - Posts: 1715 - 15/10/2015 20:19:12    1799126


You know something Pistelero , that's a super idea.
That is certainly worth a discussion at the next fixtures meeting.

Probably won't happen as 10 teams to senior will take ages.

but why not next year have 2 Groups of 6 teams & 7 teams.
Seed semi finalists in each group ,
Like the Jun A & intermediate , top team in each group semi final & 2nd v 3rd.in Qr.final.

Bottom two play off in relegation semi final and the loser plays the intermediate winners
to remain or gain senior status.

Goldfinger0007 (Wicklow) - Posts: 66 - 15/10/2015 21:27:24    1799177


Having to win a championship twice in a row is a ridiculous idea

Victorious87 (Wicklow) - Posts: 458 - 16/10/2015 20:57:51    1799567


Victorious instead of making a comment of no substance,you could tell us why it is a ridiculous suggestion,sometimes you have to tick outside the box to get overall improvement,but then of course we will always have the parishpump elements who can't see past the nearest crossroads and are afraid to accept anything that might take them out of their comfort zone.

pistelero (Wicklow) - Posts: 1715 - 17/10/2015 12:09:13    1799618


Good point Pistelero. I'm not how sure implementable your idea is but at least you're offering some original thinking and it's certainly worthy of discussion. Like you say 'thinking outside the box'. Too many people calling for change but then shooting down ideas. In my experience people usually claim to want change but in reality they don't!!

stanley (None) - Posts: 434 - 17/10/2015 12:18:13    1799619


Pistoleros give me a break. You are constantly on here talking with no substance.
Just because your team bottled it again this year.

THE_REAL_TRUTH (Wicklow) - Posts: 18 - 17/10/2015 19:04:38    1799676


The.Real.Truth I haven't a clue what you mean about my team bottling it,I,m not from Baltinglass, ,Bray,or St.Plays, I presume you mean one of them.In my opinion none of the actually bottled anything,they were beaten by the team who have been the best in the county for the last 3 years.You might also take some spelling lessons before your next childish post.

pistelero (Wicklow) - Posts: 1715 - 17/10/2015 20:32:29    1799690


Pistolero, i apologise for my tone previously.

I could be wrong but I've predicted previously you are from Dunlavin. You have never come out and say which team you're associated with. All we know is you also support Rathnew.No issue with that. I respect them myself but that's where it ends.

On a separate matter I applaud you bringing ideas to the table, but it will never happen as most years we struggle to finish the championship before Leinster starts. We would never finish league.

The county has bigger problems like encouraging and developing talent from scratch. As well as dealing with the poor discipline across the entire county. Both of which need to be looked at prior to anything else

THE_REAL_TRUTH (Wicklow) - Posts: 18 - 18/10/2015 09:46:39    1799722


If the intermediate champions can not beat the bottom team at senior rank
then they have no right seeking to move up to senior level.
This scenario is used in many other counties.

And it would also keep the senior championship competitive rings to the end.
1. Teams fighting to gain at least the 3rd spot.
2. Teams fighting to avoid the bottom spot.
3. And the winner of the Intermediate and senior losing game receive a cup.

Goldfinger0007 (Wicklow) - Posts: 66 - 18/10/2015 10:03:35    1799725


Ok Pistelro I'll expand on my comment, winning a championship twice in a row is an awful idea as it will lead to less people playing football.

Why would you bother training all year round for a junior, intermediate team knowing that you won't be promoted even if you win the championship, before you say Rathnew did it with the intermediate and won't be going up, the lads on that team are either playing to get on the seniors or have played senior and prefer playing the lower level as they get older. More people will turn to soccer and rugby as they'll have an actual goal and something to celebrate at the end.

Also if you knew football, which I don't think you do, you'd know that a knockout championship football match could be decided on anything, especially in Wicklow with poor referees, how is it fair that a team could win an inter champinship, get to the final the next year and lose on a dodgy red card/call, 2 years of training, matches, commuting home from Dublin maybe for nothing. Kilmac have been one of the best if not the best team in junior football the past 4/5 years, they still wouldn't be intermediate under your proposal.

Your idea is lazy, and completely disregards any level below senior football, why are we making such a big point about keeping senior at a good standard when a group team as poor as St Bodens can get in no problem?

Victorious87 (Wicklow) - Posts: 458 - 18/10/2015 15:56:55    1799804


Very good point Victorious

THE_REAL_TRUTH (Wicklow) - Posts: 18 - 18/10/2015 18:02:21    1799845


I was told yesterday that Tinahealy are to remain Senior,can anybody confirm this,if thisis true then this is a joke of a set up.

finishedplayin (Wicklow) - Posts: 125 - 19/11/2015 19:58:44    1808584


Yes,they are to remain senior,read it in the wicklow people a couple of weeks ago.

i.am.ahab. (Wicklow) - Posts: 254 - 20/11/2015 10:40:14    1808644


The story with Tinahealy as I see it is that Rathnew won the intermediate and could not be promoted as they all ready have a senior team. After a motion by Tinahealy that because no team came up what would be the point of senior team going down. It was put to the floor at a county board meeting for the clubs to decide. It was proposed by Rathnew and seconded by another club on the basis that Tinahealy a going well in the league and have a possible chance of winning it. There was no counter proposals by anyone on the floor and in fairness to Martin Coleman he said it had already been decided for tinahealy to be relegated but that he'd leave it to the clubs to decide and they did.
Democracy is alive and well in the Garden county.

thelastgael (Wicklow) - Posts: 322 - 20/11/2015 11:13:01    1808655


Its a fruitless argument whether they are relageted or not so whether they are playing Senior or Intermediate who cares they are still useless. No one will lose too much sleep over this one so lets put up some serious worthwhile posts other than this irrelevant rubbish about a has been team.

Mufasa (Wicklow) - Posts: 35 - 20/11/2015 13:10:03    1808697


Thanks for the replies i wonder if Rathnew won 3 in a row it looks like no on would be relgated,only in Wicklow i would say.

finishedplayin (Wicklow) - Posts: 125 - 20/11/2015 17:06:45    1808746


Finishedplayin,I can't make any sense out of your comment,what has Rathnew winning 3 in a row got to do with Tinahely not being relegated.

pistelero (Wicklow) - Posts: 1715 - 20/11/2015 18:48:11    1808764


if they won it again next year would anyone be relagated.Im just back from abroad and trying to catch up,

finishedplayin (Wicklow) - Posts: 125 - 20/11/2015 19:34:29    1808774