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Wexford All-Ire Champions 1956- 60 yrs ago 23 Sep

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The Glory Era of Wexford Hurling as they record back to back titles. Names that resonate down the ages, the Rackards, Flood, Nick O'Donnell. Cork's Christy Ring being carried shoulder high by Bobby Rackard and Nick O'Donnell off the field at full time. Failing to win his 9th all-ireland medal. Players kiss the bishop's ring.

A minor match where Tipp beat Kilkenny by 20 pts.

The old men listening to Michael O'Hehir's commentary at the fireplace.

How times have changed! 60 years ago on 23rd September.

Enjoy the clip! Especially if you're from Wexford! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S64kuzelBw4

I don't think a commemoration is complete without a clip of Tom William's song about the late great Nicky Rackard.. Cú Chulainn's Son. Often sung by the late Martin Codd of the 1950s team. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UttVM1AZ7I

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was raised on stories of the 50s and 60s,am now raising children on stories of 1996.

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Replying To perfect10:  "was raised on stories of the 50s and 60s,am now raising children on stories of 1996."
Time flies..

The 50s team were very popular throughout the country. Respected for their sportsmanship and manliness.

Where i am from in Laois is on the Carlow/Kilkenny border and just 22 miles to Bunclody. My father, 90 now, had many stories of fair days and selling cattle to some of the Rackards in Killanne.

Hopefully you children will have stories to tell too. In Laois we celebrated the centenary of our only all-ireland win in either code (hurling) last year. So we were able to say that we were reigning all=ireland champions at the time of the 1916 Rising!

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