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Replying To zinny:  "I am not sure you have learned anything really from this. None of these measures are in anyway extreme and allows life to continue as normal. Our disrespect in the past for hygiene and the way we live has to change.
The closest know coronavirus to COVID 19 is SARS and the only study on this showed that the antibodies stayed in the system for two years after which they disappeared quickly. SARS was not killed off by people getting immunity but rather by starvation, I cannot see any hope that will happen to COVID 19 and it will be with us perhaps like the flu for a long time to come. Speaking of the flu it kills anywhere between 200-500 people a year in Ireland, yet only about 50% of the people get the shot. All of the measures around hygiene for COVID 19 also work for the flu but nobody considers them important?
Prior to SARS in HK, the attitude of the people to personal hygiene in public was very different, spitting in the streets, coughing and sneezing everywhere but post SARS this changed. Now consider that a City with a population of 7.5M in an area about half the size of Wexford on the doorstep of the COVID 19 outbreak can have only around 600 cases (doubled in the last couple of weeks due to imported cases from Europe and the US) and you will see how a change in attitudes can save lives. Relying on the concept of immunity to go back to the way things were is ignoring the blinding obvious - its not going to happen."
I would contend that a "disrespect for hygiene" as you put it actually helps build up immune systems. Trying to sterilize every environment as much as possible may have a negative effect rather than a positive effect.

But time will tell

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Heard our own county chairman made a decent proposal . Best case scenario we are able to Play the club group games first in June/July . For example if we were to go to 3 groups of 4 in Wexford it would take 6 weekends to play out . Realistically we would be doing well to go ahead with Inter County games by August simply because of the large crowds attending these games . Play inter county from August to start/mid October . That allows for around 10 weeks to play the inter county championships . Then finish our club knockouts from mid October to end of November . Perhaps bin the provincial and All Ireland club series just for this year to give players a break going into 2021. Hard to know how the next few difficult weeks will play out but please god we will slowly get back to normal life sooner rather than later .

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