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Replying To Townee2018:  "
Replying To sourmilk93:  "[quote=Townee2018:  "[quote=The_analyser:  "[quote=Belclare:  "[quote=The_analyser:  "The only difference in player availability I would think is the Rossies would have more out due to Club commitments with the Pearses guys unavailable. We would have possibly two Naomh Anna lads on the panel and missing Mulkerrins now unfortunately. Not sure how many Faithleach guys would make the Ros panel.
kiloughter (Galway)

Three from Faithleachs on the panel, the Murtaghs brothers are first choice players. Apparently 8 from Pearses with 4 or 5 are starters

We have a number of injuries to establish players Niall Kilroy, Sean Mullooly, Brian Stack, Conor Hussey and Colm Lavin and we are so light on options at the moment especially defensively."
God ye have some panel... Definitely favourites for Sam maguire to add to the list ye already have..."
Yes that correct dave1988

To answer this reply well ourselves and your own Galway are in Division 2 for a reason and you should be very thankful that PJ has a near full strength panel to choose from giving Galway the best possible opportunity to gain promotion."]Galway at full strength? there are lads who aren't involved with our panel that would walk into roscommon's team - peter cooke, ian burke, michael daly, thomas flynn. Throw in varley, steede, ocurraoin and eamon branigan for good measure"]Ian Burke hahahahaha"]Ian Burke has won more in his short career than any Roscommon footballer has in over half a century"]True In club football. A decent player but one of the most overrated players ever. Wouldnt get near the Roscommon starting forwards. Won an All star on club form,probably the first ever that did. Walsh and Comer were streets ahead of him in the county jersey that year

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