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Ulster Senior Football Championship 2022

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Would agree timing is absolutely ridiculous for a Saturday for people working etc, cant see why wouldnt be at 5pm, unless GAA have another odd rule that BBC couldnt screen game at same time as the Hurling later on Sky. (Monaghan Game at 4.30pm v Down on Sky, again not ideal)

I get the impression that with earlier rounds its a case of get them out of the way kind off in terms of timing and promotion, still think its too early in year for Championship, starting Easter Saturday is crazy, be no ice creams, summer vibes until provincial finals, the beer garden buzz in Clones etc all lost with timing of it.

Yes Loughduff lad, ticketing is joke too, with tickets on hold when game not even sold then released day before game again, same issue in Munster with Hurling. All seats should be available from start, first come first served basis.

Eddie, id imagine that be more than 300 diehards attending now.

Hopefully it sells out, especially after Antrim making stance on the venue

macca999 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 965 - 22/04/2022 11:34:06    2412234