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Westmeath GAA Treatment Of Supporters

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Contacted Cusack Park about weekend tickets for hurling next weekend surprise surprise not available if a family of husband and wife + 2 collage students and a juvenile want to go to intermediate final on Saturday and senior semi-final on Sunday it will cost at least €106.why can't westmeath be like other County's and offer weekend tickets instead of ripping patrons it any wonder attendance is down at games

NoelGreville (Westmeath) - Posts: 2 - 23/09/2019 13:07:49    2238501


What are the entry prices per match? Or how does it add up to €106 or more for that family?

Even €15 per adult and €5 per student/juvenile would be €45 total per match, or €90 for the weekend.

Do Westmeath do a season ticket for club matches? If so, how much is that?

Pikeman96 (Wexford) - Posts: 219 - 23/09/2019 17:24:54    2238600


So 4 Adults and a juvenile got 2 outings . All for a total cost of 106 between them.
Sounds about the same as if out went to the cinema but well below cost of live shows.
Maybe merit in offering a family pass but not too bad considering there were equivalent of 10 single outings covered

Ashrules (Dublin) - Posts: 322 - 24/09/2019 15:07:11    2238794


Noel, if you really want an answer to your question it maybe best to ask the County Board themselves.

Ban (Westmeath) - Posts: 1050 - 24/09/2019 16:27:19    2238815


€10 a head is great value for a live event

Breezy (Limerick) - Posts: 598 - 24/09/2019 21:14:27    2238905