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A FF is only as good as the ball going into him

jimbodub (Dublin) - Posts: 19836 - 10/04/2017 11:29:42    1977854


Replying To jimbodub:  "A FF is only as good as the ball going into him"
Agreed the ball into forwards was both wide corners and too high , our lads can field however I wouldn't have said our forward play should be ever built around it.

Damothedub (Dublin) - Posts: 5193 - 10/04/2017 12:10:27    1977885


Replying To Liamwalkinstown:  "Very poor yday. Flynn also poor. Scully totally out of his depth also. Fentons form worrying now.
But to be positive, cluxton was epic"
Dont know if u were at the game or watching on tv but to say brogan was poor is strange as not even the big show would have caught some of them balls going over his head, brogan showed what ge can do in clones when right ball is given, yesterday he only got one ball like that and was taken in the legs from behind and got no free when he was about to have a one on one scenario.
scully has been consistent throughout the league and I think Gavin may have been alluding to scully when he said he blames himself for team selection as possibly felt he should have started him.
Flynn on the other hand started game well in first 20 minutes but went completely out of it and the second half had to see was he still on pitch at times.

hill16no1man (Dublin) - Posts: 12665 - 10/04/2017 14:25:40    1977991