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All-Ireland SHC final
Galway 0-26 Waterford 2-17, Croke Park, 3.30pm FT

All-Ireland MHC final
Cork 2-15 Galway 2-17, Croke Park, 1.15pm FT


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The aftermath of this game has been exceptionally emotional. The west is awake again! Thanks for following our tracker today - that's all from me!


Unrestrained jubilation in the Galway ranks as their famine comes to an end. What a year it has been for them and what a brilliant All-Ireland hurling championship we've enjoyed - that was a fitting last act!


All-Ireland SHC final full time: Galway 0-26 Waterford 2-17

A clean sweep for Galway as they win the Liam MacCarthy Cup for the first time since 1988. What a game!


Seconds left...


Nearly a Waterford goal but Galway clear it!


Wide from Conor Cooney. Two minutes to go.


Unbearable tension - wide from Gleeson when he should have dropped the free in around the goalmouth.


All-Ireland SHC final: Galway 0-26 Waterford 2-16

Canning with the insurance point on the stroke of 70 minutes - four minutes of injury time to come. Mahony replies with a soft Waterford free - his eleventh.


All-Ireland SHC final: Galway 0-25 Waterford 2-16

Mahony splits the posts from a 69th-minute free from way out the field - three between them. How Waterford could do with a third goal now!


Mahony's tough free now goes right and wide as Waterford start to shoot themselves in the foot.


What a dramatic finish to an incredible contest!


Four minutes left and an Austin Gleeson sideline cut drifts right and wide...


Flynn has far more time than he realises and he rushes his shot, missing the target.


Seven minutes left and it's Galway by four!


What a score!

Conor Cooney's score is followed quickly by another from Flynn - 0-25 to 2-15!


Desperate last-ditch defending from Waterford and they survive a dangerous Galway raid.


All-Ireland SHC final: Galway 0-23 Waterford 2-15

Very soft free to Galway after Fives was fouled first and Canning converts from out the field.


All-Ireland SHC final: Galway 0-22 Waterford 2-15

With Moran leading the counter, substitute Tommy Ryan skins his man to loft over a magnificent Waterford point on the run.


Thirteen minutes left in a pulsating All-Ireland hurling final.


All-Ireland SHC final: Galway 0-22 Waterford 2-14

Jason Flynn poaches a point for Galway within seconds of his introduction.

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