National - Online streaming of GAA matches

For people abroad who want to watch the games, what are the best sites? Preferably free! - I already tried this one, but there was an ad in the middle of the screen.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, cheers.

offalyfaithful (Offaly) - Posts:118 - 03/08/2013 12:13:24   1451327

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Front row is another one. I mostly use RTE player, If you use google chrome as your browser and download a thing called Hola Unblocker, it makes your IP address think it's in Ireland so you should be able to stream it from the RTE website.

wile_man_sir (Donegal) - Posts:150 - 03/08/2013 13:35:10   1451370

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I watched all three games last Saturday on WiziWig. It seems easier to stream games live if they are shown on Premier Sports in the UK.

streaker (Galway) - Posts:148 - 03/08/2013 13:53:08   1451377

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They are showing today's games. It is already on their program

campbelltommy (Mayo) - Posts:103 - 03/08/2013 14:10:59   1451384

Post Reply will show anything that's on rte or tv3

I saw McKenna cup games on down tv and Armagh tv.

Would be great if the gaa streamed all games that aren't being televised

cavanman47 (Cavan) - Posts:1490 - 03/08/2013 14:16:45   1451388

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Fair annoying that the games cannot be watched live on rte player when you are not on the republic of ireland. Cheers for the link will try it later.

07_LK_1973 (Limerick) - Posts:115 - 03/08/2013 14:19:09   1451391

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Firstrow sports other section gaa should be in it streams were good yesterday

lukewalsh96 (Cork) - Posts:245 - 03/08/2013 16:35:14   1451455

Post Reply are usually the best. The Tyrone v Monaghan game is there now from Setanta, its not as strong as their usual streams for whatever reason.

SeanieSense (Donegal) - Posts:328 - 03/08/2013 17:19:49   1451477

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I find this site pretty good for the GAA. Most of the earlier league games were streamed on it also.

Goatsucker (Offaly) - Posts:256 - 03/08/2013 17:49:28   1451509

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Thanks lads - working pretty well.

offalyfaithful (Offaly) - Posts:118 - 03/08/2013 19:17:31   1451649

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I use ustrem via premium sports.

Have to pay and its a rip off but what can ye do, ye can't do without it

omaghjoe (Tyrone) - Posts:1191 - 03/08/2013 20:58:16   1451785

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